The Vietnamese International Clinic for Autism (VICA) was created from the passion of its founders, Mr. Thanh Bui and Ms. Simona Bossoni, an expert in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). VICA services are dedicated to serving special rights community in Vietnam, with high quality, and strong focus on supporting the lives and development of special rights children and their families, using internationally accredited and successfully proven methods. After working in the education field for many years together with renown Vietnamese professionals, we have realized that Vietnam will greatly benefit from international experience and knowledge, in order to bring a new standard of expertise to Vietnam’s special education industry.


Considering the continued increase in the population of autistic children in the recent years, VICA’s vision is to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), particularly among parents, pediatric doctors, and preschool teachers; and provide opportunities for children at risk of ASD to go through clinical screening, diagnosis and intervention at an early age, to improve the child and family’s quality of life. We work towards creating a society where people with autism can live independently and are well integrated, as well as their values are recognized and appreciated.


VICA aims to be a modern and professional clinic for Vietnamese and international children with special rights to have very early screening and diagnosis for ASD through the most reliable tests worldwide. Our services are conducted by certified Early Start Denver Model therapists. We aim to become a one-stop destination to serve our local and international autism community.