Recruiting Special Rights educator at Vietnamese International Clinic for Autism

Vietnamese International Clinic for Autism (VICA) invites applications for the positions of Special rights educator. Please read more information about this position in this article.

Job description

  • Support during diagnostic process,
  • Early intervention for children with autism, individual and in small groups,
  • Support during parents coaching,
  • Write educational plan,
  • Write reports for parents,
  • Participate to training about ESDM,
  • Specific educational evaluations.

Job requirement

  • Experience as special educator for special rights children,
  • Experience in educational testing,
  • Experience with children with ASD,
  • Experience in doing educational plans and reports,
  • Good team working skills.

Technical skills and competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree in special education or similar,
  • Specific certificates in testing,
  • Good computer skills,
  • Good English level is a plus.


  • Hardworking, open mind,
  • Good organization and planning skills,
  • On time and respectful,
  • Willing to learn and be trained.

To apply, please send your CV to email with subject: [SPECIAL RIGHTS EDUCATOR]_CV_[Your full name] or contact us via hotline: 02871069268.